This blog is about polyamory, queerness, and sex positivity -- I will chronicle my musings, opinions, advice, adventures, and misadventures in open relationships and exploring my gender and sexuality. Come along for the ride!

Your Host:
I am an early 20's polyamorous queer and genderqueer sometimes-ladyish person looking to create a society of understanding and acceptance of polyamory and sex positivity. Since most people are either unaware, unsupportive, or have misconceptions of polyamory, this blog is critical. And awesome. And will definitely make you smile. That's what really matters in the world, right? Right.

The most important thing about this blog is that it's here not just for me, but for you. With such a small (but growing!) polyamorous community online, it's important that we advocate for each other and speak up. This is my way of doing so. Please feel free to ask me questions or request topics for me to speak on.

[And peruse the links below for a better understanding of what Polycule is all about.]


This Is My Body

My amazing incredible friend co-created this masterpiece, and it is relevant to every single human. [Though the creators, and myself, wanted to see more diversity in it, I still think it’s powerful despite that shortcoming.]

"My pursuit of orgasm is neither unnatural, nor dangerous, nor scary, nor an infringement on your religious liberty. My sexual activity exists for my benefit, not your pleasure."

"Do not be afraid of a world where women know themselves, their voice, and their power. That world has arrived."

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    "If I choose to have sex. I have the right to birth control and to be spared your demeaning insults that you would never...
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